Soup diet: how, tips and recipe

carrot soup diet

THE Soup Diet It is ideal for those who want to lose weight with health, because they can replace a meal without nutritional loss, since they are prepared with foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.

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The advantages of eat soups to lose weight It is that in addition to providing the body feel full, they accumulate fewer calories and fats in the body, compared to other foods.

As the soup diet work?

The detoxifying soup diet was known to assist in fast Weight Loss, it acts in the body by decreasing appetite and speeding up metabolism from a little calorie combination of several nutrients such as fiber, which bring benefits to the body and health.

For the soup diet to work, it is important that the consumer be done twice a day. Outside the soup, eat only light and healthy foods such as vegetables and fresh and raw vegetables, fruits and grilled.

Tip to lose weight with soup

It is important that the soup mix is ​​not beaten in a blender, so that the beneficial effect of the fibers, as stimulating satiety, is not lost. In addition, calorie side dishes such as bread, pasta and rice should be set aside during the meal.

Avoid consuming weight loss ready soups, processed foods containing as the high sodium content and trans fat, which can cause fluid retention, increase the pressure and cholesterol in the body.

pumpkin soup recipe with ginger


  • ½ Japanese pumpkin
  • 5 cm piece ginger
  • 1 onion
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 3 holy grass stalks
  • 1½ liter of water
  • Olive oil to taste

Method of preparation

Wash half the pumpkin under running water. In a saucepan, bring 2 cups of water along with the pumpkin and bring to low heat. Simmer for ten minutes - this will cause the shell exit easily. Meanwhile, wash and slice the ginger - no need to peel. Peel the garlic and onion. Cut the onion into quarters.

Transfer the pre-cooked pumpkin for a board and, with the vegetable peeler, remove the peel. Leave aside the pot and the water cooked the pumpkin, because you will reuse it. Cut the pumpkin into cubes and return to the pan with the water. Add the ginger, garlic, onion, grass holy and the remaining water. Place over medium heat and as soon as it starts to boil, cover the pan and simmer for 40 minutes.

Remove the grass holy stalks and transfer to a blender the cooked - it does not fit all, hit stages. Season with salt and black pepper to taste kingdom. With a folded cloth plate, firm hold to the hot steam does not open the lid of the blender. Alternatively, let the soup cool completely. Return the soup to the pot and check the flavor. If desired, season with more salt and black pepper kingdom. Drizzle with olive oil to finish.

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