Meet the fortunes of the famous

fortunes celebrities

Besides the fame, work in film, television and stage usually offer fortunes to celebrities. As much as the salaries of actors, singers and presenters are known to millionaires know how much each of them has in their bank accounts amount to cause astonishment. Meet the following fortunes of celebrities:

Tom Cruise

The actor, for years one of the most sought after Hollywood, accumulates a fortune of US $ 1.1 billion.

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Be temporarily off the TV and have the reduced salary does not seem to be a major problem for the host, as it accumulates fortune at $ 750 million.

Silvio Santos

The presenter honor the nickname "man's chest" to have a fortune of US $ 2.8 billion.


Fausto Silva

Joining her millionaire salary as presenter globe with advertising, the famous already has about R $ 950 million in the bank account.

Will Smith

The actor, who has increased his fortune each film who stars, already has about R $ 400 million in its bank account.

demi Moore

Even appearing just now, the actress already has about R $ 330 million saved in the bank.


Ivete Sangalo

Participating in programs and making shows in Brazil and abroad, the Bahian singer managed to accumulate fortune of more than R $ 350 million.

Gisele Bündchen

In addition to being considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, the top Brazilian already has about R $ 605 million accumulated in your bank account.


Ana Maria Braga

With one of the highest salaries of the globe (the blonde who speculated receives R $ 700,000 per month), the host already has a fortune of US $ 105 million.

John Travolta

The actor's fortune "pulp Fiction" and "Fever Saturday Night" revolves around US $ 704 million.

Jennifer Lawrence

Despite being new in Hollywood, the actress has already won an Oscar and well fattened his bank account in recent years. She has a fortune estimated at $ 100 million.

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