Fabrics for crafts: most suitable types

fabrics for crafts most suitable typesiStockphoto / Thinkstock

Learn what the most suitable types of fabrics for crafts It is key to creating different parts and also to the material last longer. Here are what the options are and develop a good job.

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Wool is a great fabric for crafts of little animals, dolls and clothing. With details, glows or even traditional you can create different models of warm clothing and even accessories such as gloves and caps.


Cotton is also suitable for making clothes and accessories, but it is very useful when we take one pad or do some bedding set piece. You can apply details in satin or colored ribbons to decorate.


The canvas is the best option to make curtains or items to cover the objects. Being a thicker tissue is more complicated to sew, but its durability is higher, and is easier to clean or change.


Polyester is a thinner fabric and with a good feature because it is easier to handle it as well as being more practical to wash.

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