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At paper mache masks sãocriações unique, versatile and with a very cheap production cost.

With this technique you can create various shapes and sizes, with any specification or detail you want to apply. The trick is to use a balloon to shape, producing a material that has high chances of being marketed for theater companies or of festive celebrations seasons.

Get inspired in the famous masks Venice Carnival, in Italy, and make wonderful pieces.


  • White glue
  • Two large bowls
  • paper towels
  • Scissors
  • Round balloon
  • Scotch tape
  • old newspapers
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glitter, sequins, feathers or any object with which you want to decorate

Step by step:

Make mixture of 1 cup of cola with 3 cups of water (if too large, or with varying details, will need more of this material).

With a wooden spoon, stir well, so that it is completely mixed.

One of the bowls, place the paper towel, already chopped into small pieces, and can fray it with scissors too, to streamline the process.

Add some glue paste, only enough to work the mold. The most appropriate is to use material that occupies only a cup of glue paste, and may remain dough to work details in the mask (as tortuous and sharp details at the top).

Fill the flask of air enough to equate to the size of a head. Get a place where it can hold the balloon (use tape to secure it), comfortably enough so you can work the mold.

Make the lining of the entire balloon with the mass of paper mache, leaving space near the nozzle.

In another bowl, tear the sheets of newspaper into small strips, just over 2 centimeters. Soak them elsewhere mass of glue and wrap the balloon.

Note how to apply the layers. The smoother get, the less work will in the finish.

Make two complete layers. Let dry overnight. When then will the other two layers. Let dry completely. Repeat the process with the paper towel mass, and again allow to dry.

Once dry, pop the balloon and remove it. Create the facial features, carving the ears, eyebrows, mouth and nose. Make these facial details with paper towel mass (which has thickness similar to clay), applying directly to the hardened mache.

Put to dry (again!).

Then prepare it for use. With a craft knife or stylus, cut an opening at the bottom to allow the mask to fit the head. A wider cut in the back will help this process.

Or you can cut the face of the mold. With a pencil, draw the eyes, and cut openings. Sand to trim the edges and let the good flat surface. Paint it with acrylic paint and decorate as you wish.

Tip: If the cut face mold, a good way to create a beautiful mask is to surround all the edge with a thin black line glitter with a thickness of one centimeter or less. Then cover the entire length of this line with spangles interchangeably. If you want, you can paste fake hair, and other ornaments. Just give wings to the imagination to create a beautiful mask.

Tip: Add flaxseed oil in the adhesive mass creates a more durable and resistant material to mold and mildew.

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