Foods that impair thyroid

food impair thyroid


THE thyroid gland It helps to regulate the functioning of virtually the whole body, because among other duties, she is responsible for the production of hormones that influence growth and metabolism of the liver, heart, brain and other vital organs. When it does not work correctly, can generate many problems for the body, so proper nutrition is essential. Just as some foods are beneficial, others can only harm the health of the gland. Check out which foods that impair thyroid and draw them out of their day to day.


excess carbohydrates

When we eat more carbohydrates than we should, the required levels of thyroid hormones increase and cause a greater demand gland work. Also, this causes more iodine is required. Therefore, as our food is already low in iodine, it is more complicated to regulate production in the body. For better Thyroid Health, reduce the consumption of this macronutrient and prefer to consume complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, corn and sweet potatoes.



Sucralose is a natural sweetener that is commonly used by people to replace sugar. Despite not having many contraindications, it can disrupt the thyroid because it has chlorine in its composition and thus captures the iodine, which hinders the proper functioning of the gland.



Despite all the known benefits of soy to the body and health, it can be extremely harmful for people with thyroid because it has anti-nutritional compounds that hinder the absorption of some nutrients in the body.



The coffee is considered one of the greatest thyroid enemies, as caffeine can cause damage to the gland dysfunction. In addition, caffeine can also hinder the absorption of the drug for this type of disease.

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