Learn how to make 5 magic tricks

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The magic tricks still amaze many people. Few imagine that are merely scams, requiring only practice and skill with your hands (and the lack of attention of the people).

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So if you ever wondered how some tricks, see this list and surprise your friends:
# 1 Magic to split one into pieces

One of the most common tricks in magic shows, revealed in a comical way.# 2 floating currency (currency antigravity)

Gui Parras It is a professional magician who has a channel on YouTube called "Like It", which reveals and teaches magic tricks.# 3 Trick stubborn currency

The channel "World manual" reveals some interesting tricks not only on science but also on magic.Ring Magic # 4

Pyong Lee, beside Iberê Thenório ("World manual"), Teaches the magic ring. Cool to fool friends and family.# 5 Magnetic Pen

Another trick revealed by magic Gui Parras, the channel "How to do".

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