8 beauty tricks to look younger

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For look younger, it is not necessary to resort to plastic surgery immediately. Using beauty products right and putting into practice homemade tricks you can win a visual lighter and natural. Want a tip to start? Never forget to remove all makeup before bed. It clogs the pores and prevents cell renewal, speeding up the aging process.

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Anti-aging creams help restore the cellular structure of the skin, improving its density and elasticity, and giving more firmly. Look for the appropriate line for your age and use during the day and at night, always remembering to wash your face before with the right soap for your skin type.

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Over the years, the skin becomes dry and brittle, needing an extra dose of hydration. Those who have oily skin can bet on the oil-free products that moisturize without leaving a heavy look.

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Some rejuvenate cuts and can completely transform the look, conveying a more modern and uncluttered appearance. The court must have movement and obey the face shape of each woman. Fringes and peaked cuts, for example, leave the slightest appearance.

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The eyeliner is a great ally when it comes to looking up and kitten style is requested of time. To make your look from day to day less heavy and more glamorous, bet on brown shade.

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One must be careful when choosing the shade. The right shade illuminates the face and even disguises the look of fatigue, but the wrong color may end up with production. Textures creamy, wet, metallic or shiny emphasize fine lines and therefore should be avoided. Products with opaque and neutral effect are better options.

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To be more fluid, liquid foundation is best to leave more natural makeup feignest the marks of expression. It still leaves the brighter visual and spreads completely, ensuring a homogeneous result.

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Silicone-based, primer must be applied before the base. It increases the durability of the makeup and gives a velvety feel to the skin, smoothing small imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

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Eyebrows are the frame look, so it is important that they are always well-made and designed. Look for a good professional that models your eyebrows according to your face shape and resist the temptation to take the hairs at home. You'll probably make mistakes and let failures.

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