10 leading causes of premature birth

causes premature birthcauses premature delivery,

a drink premature It is one who is born before the woman completing 37 weeks of gestation. And the sooner it gives birth, the baby will have more risk of developing some type of complication. In Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health, 11.7% of births are premature, leaving the country in tenth place in the world ranking, the same level of low-income countries.

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There are many causes that lead to premature birth, but they all can be treated and controlled so as to avoid the problem.


Causes of premature birth

Fetal malformation

It is the main cause determining prematurity, generating complications at pregnancy that can lead to the advance of delivery. Make a prenatal care is essential to make sure that all is well with the baby's development.

Pregnant with high pressure

Another common cause, but if unchecked, poses no risk. THE hypertension in pregnancy characterized by increased blood pressure over 11. There are three different types: chronic, which existed before pregnancy, the transient that arises during pregnancy, preeclampsia and comprising preeclampsia and eclampsia. In all cases it is important to have medical care.


previous preterm birth

Anyone who has experienced a premature birth should have more attention and care in prenatal care as it has three times more likely to go through it again.

pregnant woman's age

Women over 35 years old or teenagers who still have immature uterus, are part of the risk group to prematurity. In the case of older women, the problem may be related to stress, as most of them occupy positions of great responsibility.

Pregnancy of twins

The twin pregnancy is more susceptible to premature birth, especially because of the distention of the uterus to accommodate the fetus. For three or more babies, the risk is even greater.



The number of caesarean sections in Brazil is above 35%, well beyond the recommended by the World Health Organization, which is 15%. With the delivery of the program, there may be risks of error in the counting of gestational age, causing the baby to be removed from premature belly.

placental position

The location of the placenta may change during pregnancy. But in some cases, instead of being inserted into the wall of the uterus, it is on the cervix, which can lead to bleeding, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy and hence to premature labor.

pregnant infections

urinary and genital infections are more common in pregnant women due to a number of physiological changes that occur in the body during this period. If not treated, they can put the pregnancy at risk.

botched Prenatal

The medical supervision, preferably monthly, it is essential to ensure the health and well-being of pregnant women, and, of course, the proper development of the baby. Prenatally they are made several tests that help find out if there is a problem with the fetus or the pregnancy itself.


Pathologies of the uterus

Women who face problems such as mimosa, uterine malformation, short cervix, among others, will certainly need complete rest so that they can carry the pregnancy to term.

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