GM diet promises to eliminate almost 7 kg in 1 week: how it works? It’s healthy?

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Quite varied menu and allowed to consume food of various groups, the GM Diet starts becoming popular for pledge loss of almost 7 kg in just one week. But does the weight loss plan really work or may compromise your health? Understand better how the system, its benefits and contraindications:

What is the GM Diet?

Let's start with the name: GM to follow comes from automaker General Motors. The scheme was presented as a supposed diet based plan created for employees in 1985. The definition, however, has not been confirmed and their actual origins remain unknown.

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The plan is divided into seven days, each with strict rules about which food groups you can consume. The diet advocates claim that the technique stimulates weight loss and helps to burn fat faster than other diets.

Among the benefits of the scheme would be loss of 6.8 kg in a week, eliminating toxins from the body, improves digestion and greater capacity for fat burning. The diet could be repeated several times until its objectives were achieved, since a gap respecting 5-7 days between cycles.

GM diet: you can eat and what is forbidden?

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GM diet is divided into seven days with different rules that apply to every day. It is recommended intake of 8 to 12 cups of water each day to keep the body hydrated throughout the system, and the first three days, the physical activity is indicated.

On the menu, enter only fruits, vegetables and brown rice. Coffee and green tea are also allowed but not sweetened. Non-vegetarians may include poultry and eggs within a few days of the regime.

Soda, alcohol and other beverages rich in calories are not allowed. After seven days, the diet then help increase protein intake and reduce the amount of carbohydrates.

On day 1, you are allowed to eat only fruits (except bananas); on day 2 only released vegetables and boiled potatoes 1; on the third day, it is allowed to combine fruits and vegetables; on the 4th, the practitioner can only eat 8-10 bananas and four glasses of milk, and water; on the fifth day, you should eat tomatoes and brown rice only; in the sixth, brown rice and vegetables raw or cooked; and on the seventh and final day, brown rice, any vegetables and also fruit juices.

Cons of the Diet GM

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GM diet is extremely restrictive and excludes many food groups are very important for health. So it has a substantial list of disadvantages.

For starters, no research has been done yet to know the real effects of the regime. That is, its benefits are still at the level of assumptions without scientific proof results.

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In addition, adopting the GM Diet without medical supervision can lead to health problems, since the specific menu can result in lack of important nutrients for a healthy body.

Finally, like any diet that promises quick weight loss, adopters can experience major weight loss, but a temporary result. What invariably results in weight cycling, which compromises the health and self-esteem. Remember that the recommended by doctors is the loss of no more than 1 kg per week for a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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