Oats, tapioca, green tea and 11 more secrets of the ex-BBB has dried almost 40 kg

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Least 38 kg to 40 kg lost direction. That is the reality and the goal of former BBB Paulinha Leite, which impresses with before and after photos publishing on social networks and inspires dozens of followers. To get current weight, oat bran, tapioca and green tea were great allies of the diet, which also included other special ingredients combined with a lot of workout.

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Current body Paulinha, after drying 38 kg changing diet and practicing exercises (Credits: Playback / Instagram)

When he attended the 11th edition of reality show, in 2011, became known as the Paulinha "chubby the BBB". But just over a year she began a transformation to drop this stereotype. "Closed my mouth, I began to eat 3 in 3 hours and went to live for a while in the gym", Said on his Instagram.

Before and during Paulinha: she still wants to lose more (Credits: Playback / Instagram)

A lot of workout. The exercises were essential to reach the current body, but after appealing to various crazy diets, the famous is keen to raise the banner of nutritional education. "vc diets leaves, nutritional education is forever"He wrote to his followers, who seek tips and tricks to lose weight. The advice she always gives: start.

"Was not easy, I suffered I cried I thought about giving up and always come out of the line tried to return immediately, not wait for tomorrow to do today, do not expect anyone to believe about you, just do it .... no one sleeps and wakes up fat thin was u who arrived where this are, it's up to u get out of there ..... raises the couch ass, there is no point just get planning, ah if I lost 15kg, ah next week I start, that nothing will advance, make today, put everything in the present and in the future will think is like today, so just u want".

In the gallery, check out some of the powerful foods that helped Paulinha to dry measures.

Food for weight loss

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Tapioca - The newest beloved diets came hard to help many people to lose weight. The tapioca is ideal to replace the bread at breakfast, since it is much healthier (do not gain weight or abdominal fat, like bread) and promotes satiety, and is gluten-free.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight green teaPlayback / Instagram

Green Tea - The drink is allied to lose weight because it is thermogenic. This happens by the presence of caffeine in green tea, a substance that speeds up metabolism and promotes fat burning faster. It also helps to deflate to be diuretic.

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Chia - Chia Seed thin, rejuvenates, prevents diseases and can be more efficient than flaxseed in the diet. It is important to ally who is very overweight, suffers measures to lose and can hardly reach the ideal weight. This is because the chia reduces inflammation in the body and facilitates fat burning as well as being great source of omega 3. Paulinha eat with fruit or yogurt.

bbb paulinha leite slimming secrets chickenPlayback / Instagram

grilled chicken - is a source of protein of high biological value darling for many women devotees of exercise. It can help recover muscles after workout, favoring lean mass gain.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to slimming sweet potatoesPlayback / Instagram

Sweet potatoes - is consumed along with the grilled chicken most of the time. This ingredient is marombeiras secret of being a good source of carbohydrates, providing the energy needed for exercise, without promoting weight gain.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight nut toPlayback / Instagram

Brazil-Pará - Two nuts a day can promote benefits to the body and help you lose weight. The berry has high concentration of oilseed good fat, which causes it to be rich in antioxidants - key allies not to accumulate fat.

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Fruits - Paulinha is a fan of watermelon diuretic fruit that is not fattening and is rich in fiber. Fruits in general are great to be consumed between meals. They are sources of many vitamins and minerals that help to give health to the body.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight egg whitePlayback / Instagram

Egg - Paulinha eat at almost every meal and has shared photos of omelets or misturinhas preparing to clear. This is a great source of protein, minerals and has few calories, so it can be consumed without blame for dieters and exercises. It is also collagen source, which helps to fight sagging skin.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight yogurtPlayback / Instagram

Yogurt - It can be eaten with fruit or to prepare the shakes. It is better than milk, since it is also a source of calcium, but has a lactose content of (milk sugar) is reduced. It has high protein and causes a feeling of fullness that takes away hunger.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight green juicePlayback / Instagram

Green juice - Consumed fasting in the morning, it's trick of many famous to lose weight. Made with powerful ingredients to the diet, it can boost the results and to lose weight faster. Paulinha prepared with ginger, cabbage, mint, pineapple (or apple) and lemon.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight waterThinkstock

cold water - Paulinha drink lots of cold water, which also works as a thermogenic. The cooler temperature is that turns water on a food even more potent, which accelerates the metabolism and causes the body to increase the body temperature, aiding in weight loss.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to lose weight oat branThinkstock

oat bran - Oats are one of the biggest secrets of modern diets such as Dukan. The grain in the form of bran is more potent for weight loss. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and fiber and promotes satiety and improves bowel function, and bring health benefits. It is recommended to eat 30 grams of food per day, always drinking plenty of water.

bbb paulinha leite shake secrets to lose weightThinkstock

Shakes - are good option to help in the diet, if prepared with ingredients that enhance the effects of weight loss and give more health to the body. It is ideal to be consumed in between meals.

bbb paulinha leite secrets to slim turkey breastPlayback / Instagram

Turkey breast - is much healthier than the ham, for example, and can be added to more lights snacks. However, it should be consumed with caution and in low amounts, since it is also a rich embedded in sodium.

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