Homemade recipe for skin clay

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One of the skin treatments Preferred is the famous clay mask. Recently the actress Carolina Dieckmann posted on a social network in a picture that appears using this product, which leaves the skin softer, clean, silky and clear.

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And no need to leave home to leave the beautiful skin like celebrities. Just prepare a homemade recipe. A dermatologist Renata Marques, the Dicorp Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, teaches how to do.

clay mask Carolina Dieckmann (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

homemade mask clay


  • 1 tablespoon of green clay powder, found in health food stores
  • Water in sufficient quantity to form a briefcase

Way of doing

Mix ingredients and apply on face with light movements. Wash below.

"The effect is supercalmante to the face. And it can be done daily because clay does not harm the skin"Explains dermatologist.

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