Although painful, threading weakens the hair and prevents stains

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ancient technique, the threading was born in Egypt. Experts ensure that the technical benefits outweigh any other existing method, at least one criterion: pain. "Really the result is amazing. The threading can take everything, even those who are still being born. But the pain really exists, and it is no small. But worth suffering"Jokes banking Maria Cecilia dos Santos, adept novelty.

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The practice does not require many attributes. With only 30 cm of sewing line, and a 100% cotton saline (on line and to pass the skin before the session) waxing is ready to be started.

"The threading is weaken by and reduces its growth, unlike wax which harm the skin, cause allergies and darkens the depilated areas"Explains Diana Cavalcanti, epilator Studio W Iguatemi.

The line use of advantages when it comes to shaving are many:

- It is a more hygienic method;

- It can be done by any independent person if it makes use of chemicals on the skin or just made a facial peeling;

- It can be done by women who have just sunbathing;

- The method generates a drain on the skin that stimulates the lymphatic vessels;

- The line does not give allergy;

- Preserves the natural keratin of the skin;

- Decreases production by the shaved area;

- It prevents sagging caused by the wax;

- Can you remove the lanugo hairs - that very thin fuzz that surrounds the face.

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