How to clean sneaker: tricks for beautiful shoes for longer

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The shoe is a staple of the female wardrobe: versatile and practical, the shoe accompanies women at any time of the day to day. It is precisely the frequent use that makes the shoes to wear and mess with ease, however, you can keep it with that little face of newly purchased longer with some cleaning tips simple. Check it.

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How to clean suede sneaker

  • Suede is a delicate material and needs to be handled more carefully. To clean, the ideal is to use as little water as possible.
  • Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove dirt - if it gets too tough, wet the brush with warm water.
  • Then to take the brush marks, pass a rubber pick smoothly through tissue.

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How clear plastic shoe

  • The plastics cleaning is simpler and can be done with alcohol or bar soap.
  • Moisten the foot and rub gently using a soft brush with a little alcohol or neutral detergent.
  • If the shoe has glitter applications, stones and other materials, replace the brush by a damp cloth and rub gently.

How to clean leather sneaker

  • Use a dry cloth to clean dirt and lighter, if the stains are more resistant search for specific products for leather, which is also a sensitive material.
  • To maintain the good appearance of the leather for longer, it is best to polish the shoes time to time with specific products.

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How to clean inside the shoe?

It is normal that after some time of use, the shoe begins to stay with unpleasant odors due to perspiration of the feet. To get rid of bad smell, wash the insoles and inside of the shoe with a solution of five tablespoons (soup) of water and white vinegar with a sponge. Then let it dry in a cool, airy place.

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