Geraldo Luis will have another program on Record: More details “Geraldo Brazil”

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Geraldo Luis will have more attraction on Record TV. Presenter "Sunday Show"Displayed from 11 am on Sundays, the presenter also debuts "Geraldo Brazil" at Fridays.

Geraldo program

Nice program! Thank you my Brazil by BIG audience. My passions....

The post shared by Geraldo Luis (@geraldobalanca) on Jan 8, 2017 at 8:20 am PST

After the success of "Sunday Show", Record decided to reuse some special materials of the Sunday program and resubmit the "Geraldo Brazil"Which opens on 27 January, at 22.30, after the "Journal of Record".

Remember that Geraldo Luis has led a program that was called "Geraldo Brazil"Displayed in the afternoons of Record, Monday through Friday, in the same reporting style and attractions "Sunday Show", Which ran from July to December 2009.

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