Hedgehog: See 7 facts about the animal


Known in the US as hedgehogs, this little animal has inspired to create the character of games "Sonic". Hedgehogs are lovely, and are slowly conquering people, and becoming pets. Often, they are mistaken for porcupines, but are completely different species.

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Look 7 curiosities sobreos hedgehogs:

# 7 They are nocturnal animals

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The greatest period of activity of these small animals is during the night. Sleep all day and night can make a lot of noise in the wheel exercises.

# 6 have a bad view

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Hedgehogs they see badly, but compensate with a great hearing and smell.

# 5 Different races

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The most common species is the African hedgehogs, but in total there are 15 species, and none of them are originally from America, although they live on every continent. Not all hedgehogs are brown. There are even species in white.

# 4 Solitary

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Urchins tend to be solitary animals, in general, only gather to play. Males usually leave the nest and the mother is responsible for creating (Litter can be from 1 to 10 pups). The mother is also little time with babies, 4-7 weeks only. In some cases, the female and the male feed their babies.

# 3 New smells

hedgehog 6THINKSTOCK

When they feel a new smell in the air, the hedgehogs are so thrilled that they secrete one foam, to even cover their spines. No one is sure why this behavior.

# 2 Thorns


These animals have about 5000 thorns hollow with a flexible base. When they feel threatened, they saw a kind of 'Ball' to protect the stomach, and leave only the exposed spines, as a defense mechanism. These spines last only one year, they fall to make way for new ones.

# 1 Illegal?

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The states of Georgia, California and Arizona, Hedgehogs are considered wildlife. So it is forbidden to domesticate them.

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