5 phrases that you should say to the children every day

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Although common phrases such as "you are a brat" They should not be told to children. Apparently harmless some expressions can impact them negatively. However, it is possible to influence the formation of children's personality with the help of some affection phrases.

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"Lines that help the child feel wanted and special family are important because they also favor the relationship with others"Says psychologist Dr. Letícia Guedes Clinic Vivencialle.

See the photo gallery five sentences that parents should tell their children every day and that will help you become a kind adult:

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"I love you"
In addition to increasing the bond of children with parents and make her feel loved, strengthen that love makes the child feel protected and loved by the family.

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"I trust you"
Note that you trust the child and show that they are responsible for their actions. Over time, the child will understand that this is more a show of affection.

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"You make me happy"
Another phrase that can and should be said every day are those that demonstrate how the child turns the couple's life and makes people happier as "you make me happy" or "you came to complete our life".

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"You were born to be a winner"
Help the child to work self-esteem since childhood also helps in personality formation and how it will relate in the future. "No doubt, the praise comes only to do well the development of your child"Says the psychologist.

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"You are very special"
According to Leticia, affection and encouragement phrases make the children feel respected and loved. "Words and gestures of love are fundamental time to educate and contribute positively to their building values"He adds.

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