Baby stirs little: it is normal?

drink that stirs little, normal

The anxiety of pregnant women to feel the first Baby movements in belly You may end up messing it happen. It is that anxiety, and stress are factors that can decrease the fetal movement.

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When the baby starts to move?

The gynecologist Luciano Nardozza, fetal medicine specialist at High Diagnostic Excellence, explains that from 20-24 weeks of gestation all pregnant women should feel the baby move.

This movement, however, is not constant. "The fetus shall periods alternating with rest periods movement. But if the baby get over 12 without moving, you need to tell your doctor that accompanies prenatal", alert.

How to make the baby move belly

To stimulate the baby's movements, proper nutrition is essential. "A pregnant woman should not go long periods without eating. The ideal is to feed every three hours as the starvation is one of the factors that decrease fetal movements"He explains. Mechanical, vibration or sound stimuli can also help.

It is important to dispel some causal factor, such as smoking or the use of sedative drugs, among others.

The doctor also points out that a more quietly baby belly is not necessarily a calm baby. "There are several scientific studies that show that there is no relationship of fetal behavior with that after birth", ends.

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