tailored blouse with 3D ink

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Have you thought about that old customize blouse in a beautiful way, easy and, best, with a low cost?

The tutorial teaches how to make a tailored blouse with 3D ink through a simple step by step, that leaves that your old regatinha with a new look, in addition to a beautiful, super modern print.

See below how to run and buy the paint to make your too!


  • 1 blouse
  • 1 or more color inks 3D

Step by step:

The first step to making this work is to choose the blouse. If a new, no need to do anything; already is an old race, wash it, let it secare pass it with iron so that the design is perfect.

Search the internet or print one of the pictures in this tutorial to create the mold of her blouse. Once you have the design, start to paint it in the race. You can do with the very direct ink or a manicure stick.

Let the shirt dry long enough and ready your customization 3D. They liked this technique? It's super simple and you can enjoy it in many ways!

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