My hair does not grow! What do I do?

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Have one long hair the envy is the dream of many women, but sometimes it takes so long to grow that the goal is left behind. The pattern of growth of the wires is 1 to 1.5 cm per month, however, this is only an average and not a rule.

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Consultant Embelleze, Marleila Aguiar explains that growth wires It is connected to the functioning of the body and varies from woman to woman. "There is no specific factor that determines the rate of growth. The problem could be genetic, hormonal or nutritional causes, so it is essential to seek a health professional to do a thorough evaluation"He says.

My hair does not grow 2ThinkstockDiversos factors can affect the hair growth rate. Look for a doctor to find out the causes

Professional warns that the food has great influence on the hair health, skin and nails. The more rich in nutrients and low in sugars and fats for the diet, the healthier will be the wires. "The beauty of the wires coming from the inside out"He says.

Products to make hair grow

According to the expert, some products available in the market can help the wires to grow stronger, but not accelerate the process. So, flee from miraculous formulas for make hair grow and seek medical attention if you think something is wrong with the wires.

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