How to make water for sheets and leave the more fragrant bed

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After a stressful day at work, nothing better than to get home, take a nice relaxing bath and go straight to bed. The feeling of full rest can be even greater when you lie on soft and perfumed sheets, right? And you do not have to change the bedding every night to experience this pleasure.

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Apply on the bed smelling a homemade solution ensures the experience simply and very practical and better, without spending much money. Check out the step by step to produce one alone water for sheets and let her sleep even more complete:

scented water for sheets


  • 50 ml of fabric softener
  • 200 ml of alcohol
  • 200 ml water

Method of preparation:

Add the ingredients in a container with spray, cover and shake well. Then apply on pillow cases, sheets, blankets and comforters.

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