You ever heard of carboxiterapia? This process uses carbon dioxide intake helps eliminate unwanted fats and improves circulation reducing cellulite, helping sagging and softening stretch marks.

The procedure consists in the application of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the subcutaneous tissue through a skin very thin needle (such as insulin). The gas enters the body, and "breaks" mechanically fat cells and increase blood circulation, promoting the formation of collagen. "Carboxitherapy has shown good results in aesthetic medicine, because it works with the reduction of localized fat, reduced expression marks, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging. In short, improves the self-esteem of women, "added Flavia Giglio Bulgueroni, physio Esteticare, beauty clinic located in Moema, São Paulo.

Carboxitherapy can be done to improve sagging skin, stretch marks and cellulite, localized fat, dark circles and wrinkles, "double chin" of the neck, baldness treatment and complementary liposuction and postoperative. "From the fifth session made, it is possible to notice the skin healthier and lisinha and reduction measures in centimeters" says physiotherapist.

The result is a smaller number of fat cells and firmer skin. To "break" the fat molecules, the body needs to eliminate them, otherwise they will continue in the same place, but in small pieces. Therefore, it is essential to ingest a lot of water throughout the treatment.

The method includes about 10 to 20 sessions, divided into one or two times a week - the time the body needs to metabolize gas. You may notice a healthier and firmer skin after the first sessions. The method needs to be associated with a fat-free food and physical exercise.

The travel consultant, Adriana Basílio, 40, made use of carboxiterapia and said he noticed a big difference in your body. "I have sought treatment to reduce cellulite. When I started already felt a noticeable improvement in the gluteal region. Carboxitherapy hurts, it's like a bee sting at the injection site, but it is a bearable pain, and that is very worthwhile, "says the travel consultant. "In application of gas initially increases circulation, causing local redness and mild annoyance. These symptoms end quickly after application, "says the physiotherapist Flávia Giglio.

The practice is beneficial to health, and so there are no contraindications important because it is a gas that is normally present in the body. Thus, people who have bleeding disorders can not perform the treatment. "Pregnant women, people with skin diseases (lupus, scleroderma, dermatomyositis) and people with epilepsy also can not make use of the treatment without first consulting a specialist," argues Flávia Giglio.

Some possible side effects like small bruises recurrent application may appear, and tingling sensation at the site because of the blood vessel dilation.

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