Strabismus: Treatment should begin as soon as possible

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O squint It occurs when the brain fails to align the eyes properly. In addition to being an aesthetic problem, the condition compromises children's vision, preventing the full development of visual acuity. Although the chances of correction in childhood are very large, it is imperative that treatment be done as soon as possible to prevent the vision suffers a loss.

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Changes in the baby's eyes can be a sign of illness

According explains the ophthalmologist Renato Neves, CEO of Eye Care Eye Hospital (SP) in children normally sighted, the brain develops the ability to fuse images by views left and right eyes, forming a single image. It binocularity. As the eyes are separated by a few centimeters, the images formed in the left eye are slightly different from those formed on the right, with different viewing angles. By merging the two images, the brain ensures better spatial and depth notion. "However, the cross-eyed child, one eye can point to in, out, up or down, making two separate images are sent to the brain. As he can not merge two images as different, the child begins to have double vision - which forces the brain to suppress the image captured by the eye problem"He explains. In other words, it's as if the brain "shut down" the functions of the patient eye and passed to rely only on the good eye. This condition is known as amblyopia, or syndrome lazy little eye.

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How to treat strabismus

To correct the problem, the weak eye should be forced to act as the main view. For this, one uses a buffer in healthy eye for periods of time, causing the other eye to react and function properly. Some cases may require an eye alignment surgery. "The gains are permanent, since the brain starts to merge the images, ensuring binocularity and visual acuity"Says Dr. Renato.

fast treatment

The expert emphasizes that the treatment should be performed as soon as possible, before the child is six years. "But the ideal is to be done at about 2 years of age", alert. If treatment is not done in time, the child will remain cross-eyed for a lifetime. If this occurs, and the prognosis is favorable, the alternative is surgery. "In this case, the purpose is more aesthetic than functional, which also worthwhile, as strabismus can compromise a person's self-esteem", Maintains the expert.

Dr. Renato also draws attention to the importance of the visits to the eye doctor. "The first baby eye examination should be done at six months old. From there, if there is no abnormality, the child must undergo further consultations in pre-school age (at 2, 4 and 6 years), school (10 to 12) and when in high school (around 15 years)"Is recommended.

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