You are right or left in politics? Answer 7 contentious issues and find out

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"Drumsticks and petralhas", "conservatives and communists." "It was hit or not?"These are some of the most controversial phrases we heard in recent times and, because of that, Brazil is divided between people of left and right. Really?

According to research agency Hello Research, made in 2015, 40% of Brazilian respondents even knew define their political orientation. Nevertheless, we are always thrust into heated discussions about public policies, problems and solutions to the country and intense and decisive moments, such as the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer policy.

It's time to find out: which side you samba? Who are you in the political discussion? And where did the terms "left" and "right" to talk about Political Views?

Left and right: origin of the terms

be Left or Right (And all the features that these positions carry) has a historical background that few people know. The terms have emerged in the 18th century in France.

After-establish the Constituent Assembly, those who supported the king and the maintenance of sat right privileges. But those who wanted social changes sat to the left in the hall of the National Assembly.

Therefore, the left is associated with the struggle of minorities and workers' rights, while the right is associated with the upper classes and conservatism.

Remember that these two concepts are not immutable or merely an ideology, as explained by the political thinker Norberto Bobbio in the book "Right and Left - reasons and meanings of a political distinction."

"Left and right indicate opposing programs with regard to several problems whose solution usually belong to political action, contrasts not only ideas, but also of interests and valuations regarding the direction to be followed by society."

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