Pregnancy and alcohol

Drinking during pregnancy, even in moderation, no harm to the fetus or not? A respected author and wine critic Daniel Rogov, creates controversy with an article published also feminine site such as Bolsa, exclusive for women who like wine: the "Women Wine Critics Board". Look.

The title of the article says it all: "Wine and Pregnancy - The lies that count for women". Rogov points out that since 1990 every bottle of wine or distilled sold in the United States carries a warning of the maximum authority of the country in healthcare (such the the "Surgeon General"), Stating that "women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of causing birth defects". The author says that not being enough this warning, and increasing anxiety in already concerned women with their own health and that of their fetuses, hundreds of articles in the media are devoted to convince them that if they drink one drop of alcohol during pregnancy there is a chance the baby is born deformed, addicted or delayed.

Daniel Rogov points out, however, that a lot of recent research and a review of the issue of alcohol in pregnancy shows that there is no conclusive evidence to show harm to fetuses if consummated alcohol moderately before and during pregnancy.

According to doctors David Whiteen and Martin Lipp of the University of California in San Francisco, "the campaign against drinking during pregnancy began in 1973, when several studies have shown that alcohol consumed too much could cause a condition called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. These studies showed that the children of many alcoholic mothers were born with an accumulation of serious defects". But these same doctors note that "what the government conveniently chose to ignore is that this syndrome is extremely rare, occurring in only three babies between 100,000 births - and even then, only when the mother abused alcohol throughout the pregnancy period".

I am convinced that no one should feel guilty for social drinking during pregnancy

Lipp and Whiteen among the growing number of doctors and researchers who find no reason for a pregnant bother to drink only one glass of wine per day. The magazine Wine Spectator has even published an edition (of August 31, 1994) regarding this controversy and its editor at the time, Thomas Matthews, wrote that "There are even new research showing that moderate drinking during pregnancy can actually help the development of the child after birth".

In this edition of the WS, an article of the famous Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine, English author and an outspoken critic and the world wine tasters - refers to the subordinate position that men always put women, particularly during pregnancy. "Men will just stop dictating rule on women's behavior during pregnancy when they can have children"Says English. "I am convinced that no one should feel guilty for social drinking during pregnancy", to be continued. The very Jancis, mother of three, drank a glass of wine every day in their pregnant times. In his tasting only tasted the wine, without drinking any amount of alcohol, by the book. Critical notes that she and her fellow professionals of the wine must have found that during pregnancy your taste skills improved.

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