Sandwich that is not fattening: Learn how to ride a light option to replace meal

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If you think a serious diet can not include delicious sandwiches, you're wrong: you can mount a healthy option to perform substitutions at main meals without feeling guilty. Check out some tips:

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Replace one meal a fattening sandwich?

The sandwich should never be the first choice of meal. However, with certain ingredients and dishes, one snack does not disturb the diet. To make sure that continues on track, forget fried and greasy options to complement the sanduba, preferring to salads. also forget industrialized condiments such as mayonnaise and special sauces.

How to make a sandwich natural light?

To prepare a sandwich that is not fattening, keep in mind the story of the food pyramid: You must include carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables at snack. So bet on homemade bread to power quality. Chicken or turkey breast are good protein options, while the vegetables are free to choose. Season the salad, if desired, with herbs and olive oil.

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