As the eclipse affects each sign: astrologer explains influence of the moon on Sunday

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One of the most talked about topics of the week was the eclipse that took place last Sunday (27). The phenomenon is rare: the total lunar eclipse happening at the same time a Supermoon had occurred for the last time in 1982, and only return to dominate the skies in 2033. Not everyone was able to see the big "Blood Moon"But the fact is that to astrology, any eclipse is an event that impacts on all zodiac signs. "The effects of eclipses can begin to be felt in the week or in the previous fortnight. These aspects can reflect in the third month after the eclipse occurs, and may predominate for six months"Says the astrologer Guilherme Salviano.

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Signs most affected by eclipse

In an eclipse, usually what we see is a shadow or hidden form being revealed - it is also so that it acts in astrology. Salviano explains that the eclipse could mean that personal issues previously unknown to be revealed or discovered, or even mark the starting point or the end of a new personal stage, or indicate turbulence due to changes.

According to astrologers, the most affected by the influences of this eclipse signs are Libra, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer. The first two because the sun was in Libra and Moon in Aries at the time of the eclipse. And the last two because they are like Libra and Aries, cardinal signs (that start the seasons). The eclipse happened to Sun in Libra, and therefore related to partnerships and novel issues are subject to new directions - whether to continue or break.

As the eclipse stirs each sign

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Aries - The recent eclipse in Aries marks a period in which feelings are transparent. The desire and willingness to resolve issues will also be touched upon more. The timing also suggests revelations in intimate matters.

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Taurus - Good time for a transition in relation to plans previously outlined. Conduct themselves differently with some forms of cohabitation can also be a behavior that will bring good results in the future.

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Twins - Period important to a new stage with friends and to clarify misunderstandings that have experienced before other relationships.

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Cancer - important period for revelations in the professional field. Warning: the routine may end up messing up the relationship.

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Lion - Studies and new knowledge are more likely eclipse themes with reflections. Contacts with people at a distance will be more frequent during this holiday season.

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Virgin - The eclipse brings pointers for further research work and to give new directions in financial issues. Secrecy with information will be essential.

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Libra - propitious moment to clarify differences of opinions and make adjustments in some kind of bond or society. New stage for lovemaking.

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Scorpio - Good time to devote to care about yourself (a), such as health, body, balancing the energies.

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Sagittarius - The emotional issues and social experiences are marked by new steps. Period for new social cohabitation.

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Capricorn - important situations will have new directions in family relationships. Time to rethink expenses for the home.

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Aquarius - Eclipse Reflections mark areas as studies, papers, documents, legal issues and materials. Period important to improve knowledge.

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Fish - The eclipse brings more trends to define materials and designs some changes to priorities in this area. Rethink some will be essential for the following months.

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