“She’s All That”: know where you’re going the cast of the film

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A true classic Afternoon Session, the film "She's All That" does not bring any novel or surprising story, but became one of the most popular romantic comedies and is still remembered by fans of a good novel sugar water.

Launched in 1999, the film shows the transformation of an unpopular girl in high school as prom queen after a bet between friends. funny situations and the unexpected birth of a passion move the plot which yielded grossing over $ 100 million.

Much of the long success can be credited to his charismatic cast that has managed to build the essential chemical for the genre productions. Find out where are the main actors in "She's All That":

Freddie Prinze Jr.

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The interpreter Zach Siler, leading man of the film, despite having made several other feature films aimed at young audiences, achieved greater success with roles and cameos in attractions for the TV. The star was married to actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has two children.

Rachael Leigh Cook

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The actress lived in the film Laney Boggs, the awkward girl of the story. She follows in the artistic career, but a little away from the film, as it usually does stakes in series and feature films for television. He is currently married to actor Daniel Gillies, who has two children.

Anna Paquin

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The actress who played Mackenzie, young man's sister, was the more famous did well in his career. Besides acting in long success, as the "X-Men" series, starred in the highlight series "True Blood." She remains married to actor Stephen Moyer, who has twin sons.

Matthew Lillard

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Although not well known by the name, the actor is known face for young film fans and, in the long interpreted Brock Hudson. After appearing in the franchise "Scooby-Doo", he went on to dub the character Shaggy in the cartoon series. In 2017, it can be seen in the new season of the cult series "Twin Peaks".

Jodi Lyn O'Keefe

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After playing in the romantic comedy wicked Taylor, the actress participated in several movies and hit shows like "Prison Break" and "Two and a Half Men." It can currently be seen in "Hit the Floor" series, VH1.

Elden Henson

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The actor who lived Jesse Jackson in "She's All That" also followed the artistic career and, after appearing in the saga "The Hunger Games" won a prominent role in the series "Daredevil", currently produced by Netflix.

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