In sapo’s mouth


Brazil is the country of syncretism. As much as many people consider religiously well settled, deep down, every Brazilian takes a good faith Mandingo, especially in time of despair. Then, in reveal a people without any bias: every saint is holy, no matter the race, creed, nationality and, in many cases, even if he will ask for something in return. But that does not mean that hidden forces are treated with disdain. On the contrary, to the same extent that what is conventionally called voodoo attracts us, it puts us too wretched fear. And these experiences each draws its conclusion. Since we stay here and they, the holy bodies, souls or whatever you want to call, over there.

A good example of Brazil's relationship with the occult forces is the case of journalist Sandra Fiori. After almost two years without being able to engage in a relationship, she was asking for help to a holy mother, indicated by a known. "Everyone spoke that it was voodoo that they had placed in me until I was already believing. I decided to take courage and go in the yard. Grandma got there and it was incorporated into the saint's mother asked me to go on a hillside and carried a nhame-yams, do not know how many toothpicks and honey. Spent at the grocery store, I bought it and was running the city behind a hill that did not have a lot of people around, because I was dying of shame to go through macumbeira", account. Found the ideal place, Sandra did the job, prayed, and permeated both in order that just sticking your foot in the holy food. "I was very nervous, I ran out of there, I almost cried of fear in the car. I prayed and prayed, apologizing. Thank God or whatever to what, nothing happened to me"She recalls that eventually found a boyfriend shortly after. "I think the saint understood that it was an accident, an accident at work"He believes.

But not everyone who ventures to beat a drum is full of fingers in time to consummate the facts. The student Carla Amaral, of Umbanda family, recognizes that often the saints even make recommendations rather scatological. "Some I do, some I was too think"He says. Its discretion, however, did not stop her leaving for armed kitchen ingredients, say, unconventional. "The saint told me that I would need to cut a few strands of hair and underarm hair and pubic region, roasting them and mix them with food from my boyfriend so he would not let me. I had to do seven times and I did, despite the horrible smell of burning hair"He confesses. The result? Rather than ordering. "We were together for years, got engaged and I was the one who ended up finishing it at a later time. But he says love with me today", reveals.

Sometimes, however, to achieve the desires, not just rely on their own resources. Unfortunately, we need to involve third parties. "I had to cook a black hen and lowering with a rose, a pack of cigarettes and headlight dish at a crossroads. The problem is that I had to buy and kill. Only where is courage?"Says the nurse Tânia Linhares. Possession of the animal, which was properly hosted in his backyard, Tania was tortured for two weeks until it dissuaded the idea. "The chicken was at home there, and as I postponed the time to kill her, I afeiçoando me to it. I bought corn, my nephews came to see her, turned attraction. completely lost the courage to decimate the animal. I sent him away and gave up that business"She recalls that ensures, however, do not feel so sorry when you see poor franguinhos spinning bakery skewers.

Headbanging can not be an option but a necessity. This is the case when a job needs to be undone. "I had opened a company that was going from strength to strength. But an hour to another, it all started to go wrong, the raw material was late to arrive, receive a fine, almost caught the house on fire, a disgrace. Until one of the partners was mused that voodoo that they had placed on us"Tells the Rio Helena de Paula. Convinced that such bad luck could not be thing in the world, she and two partners were seeking help. "He was a well-known woman, had to artists who frequented her house. Said she turned to bike in Knorr soup"Ensures Helena that, to date, does not seem to believe what he saw. "We got there and she said she had even tied us. We were each at one end of the room holding a sheet and praying. When it was over, opened the cloth and had everything there: hair, pieces of cloth and even a shirt my"Reveals the businesswoman. Shortly after, everything was back to normal. "We closed a good contract the very next week. Now, do not play more, my room is full of figuinhas everywhere"He says.

Lead a faith in energies or forces that do not even know right is something that is already part of our culture. However, all of them make sects and religions, regardless of our real belief, deserve much respect. After all, nobody wants to have pulled his foot in the middle of the night.

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