Blog teaches man to be “romantic boor” to win: do you agree?

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"Men like saints, are great when it comes to please mother in law, but rarely a good boy does the style of the most beautiful girls. The irresistible style boor is a profile that really attracts women, especially those who wish to live a torrid love story"Says male content blog El Hombre, generalizing as if every woman would like this style "behavior" and approximation.

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When they talk about a cad profile, refer especially to men who are good players in the game of seduction, which would know how to get a woman, make her feel attracted to and fall in his chin. So it would be romantic miscreants. "Nothing nothing out playing the stupid or committing treason with a straight face"Advises the blog.

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According to some men believe many women would not care and would even like when man goes on boor. "The advantage of a man with this style for a woman is that they do not run the risk of an expensive suitcase stay on your toes. The female cares for determined men, confident, secure, and they know what to do and how to do, always on time"He says yet.

"Also, a man boor is a guarantee of a case full of emotion, nothing warm or cold relationships. The man with this style has everything to win a girl, because the dress and act like a boor, attracts the eyes of women around"Added the blog.

The advice generalize the woman, put her as a figure "catch" or with absurd gain formulas. Gives legitimacy to that phrase that "woman is like man boor" and paves the way for the disrespect against the female figure. And you, what do you think of "advices" from the website?

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