Roberto Carlos turns 70. Remind King loves

roberto carlos turns 70. remind the King loves

On Tuesday, 19, the monarchy of Brazilian popular music is party to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the King, Roberto Carlos. The singer, who put to dance the young in the 60s with the Young Guard, figure ever since as one of the most popular artists and never lost the post of "bud" coveted by the young ladies. To celebrate the date the recalled tell you the loves of Roberto Carlos's life, as well as his songs were full of emotions, animal.

Roberto has directed with clunker poisoned when she married in 1968 in the city of Santa Cruz De La Sierra, Bolivia, with Cleonice Rossi. She was a year older than him, legally separated (at the time, there was no divorce in Brazil) and mother of a 3 year old daughter, Ana Paula. Ana Paula Rossi Braga was treated as a child by Roberto Carlos. She died of heart failure at age 47 on the morning of April 16. The singer was seen in his very shaken burial.

Roberto Carlos and Nice (Photo: Playback)

Nice as it was called, she became pregnant soon after the wedding Roberto Carlos Braga II or Dudu as it is called. Two years later, in 1971, was born Luciana happiness for the couple. King's daughter, the girl was called "princess" by friends. Roberto marriage and Nice lasted 11 years. The split was in 1979, the same year that the singer met the actress and Myriam Rios during a flight.

Roberto Carlos and Myriam Rios (Reuters)

In December of the following year, he publicly took the affair with 22 year old. At the time she was 38. After eight months of dating the actress moved to the beloved home and to accompany her husband abandoned her career at Globo and theater. The marriage also lasted 11 years.

But Roberto Carlos met one of the greatest passions of her life before marrying Myriam. In 1977, King met in a show that was in the city of Campos do Jordao, São Paulo, a 16 year old girl named Maria Rita. The overwhelming passion led him to talk to the parents of Maria Rita that did not allow dating with a man 20 years older. The reunion took place 14 years later, again in Roberto show. And as always low profile, Roberto tried to hide all the way to future queen.

Roberto Carlos and Maria Rita (Photo: Playback)

The press only knew when the educator moved to Roberto's apartment in Rio in 1993. Next to Maria Rita, King seemed to have found your soul mate and she composed songs like "40 woman", " The charm of your glasses" and "Beautiful Thing (Chubby)". She was the only woman with whom Roberto married in civil, in 1996. Maria Rita accompanied the beloved at every show, put flowers in the dressing room and just called him "cute".

In 1998, she was diagnosed with cancer in the pelvic area. Driven by a strong religiosity, the couple never doubted the healing. Roberto virtually abandoned his career to devote himself to the woman. Only relaxed when there was remission. But the cancer returned violently four months later. Maria Rita died on December 19, 1999, after 38 years.

Since then Robert has had his name involved when the actress Luciana Vendramini, which had the idol support during treatment of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), also diagnosed in Roberto. The TOC forbade the king, for example, sing the song "Black Cat". Another name associated with Roberto Carlos was the medical student from Sao Paulo, Fernanda, in 2008. More recently the media has created buzz about the backwoods singer Paula Fernandes, who participated in the last Special made by him for television. But who can not get enough drop to the four winds that are eager to know the royal apartments is the queen of Brazilian TV, Hebe CamargO. Not to mention that by being caught giving a beautiful look at the Queen battery Nilópolis of Beija-Flor, Raíssa Oliveira, Roberto raised suspicions that he might be approaching the carnival court.

Roberto Carlos and Paula Fernandes (Photo: Rede Globo)

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