Implanon: how and who should put the most effective contraceptive that there

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O contraceptive implant It is an ideal contraceptive method for those who do not like the responsibility to remember to take the pill daily. More effective than other popular contraceptives, such as intrauterine device (IUD), tubal ligation and vasectomy, he has long and has reduced side effects.

What is implanon?

The gynecologist Élvio Floresti explains that subdermal implant It is a female contraceptive method that consists of a small rod 4 cm in length which, implanted in the arm releases etonogestrel hormone, a derivative of progesterone.

It is popularly called as "implanon" which is one of the best known brands of the product.

Types of implanon

First generation Implanon

It's the classic implanon. It can be seen via X-ray, which makes its removal a bit position if the exit device. It has a simple applicator.

Implanon NXT

Considering the second generation product has the same size, appearance and flexibility. The difference is the new applicator, which facilitates the placement and in the presence of barium sulphate, which allows it to be seen on X-rays.

How to prevent pregnancy?

How to avoid the monthly fluctuation of hormones that cause ovulation, implantation derived from progesterone inhibits the release of the egg and also alters the mucus of the cervix, which is a thick liquid that sperm uses to cross and find the egg, making it difficult to fertilization.

Where to put and how it is done

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The placement of Implanon is made on an outpatient clinic or doctor. In local anesthesia, the procedure lasts minutes and consists of the insertion of the implant in the anterior face of the arm, usually six to eight centimeters above the elbow and below the skin line. The device is invisible and does not cause nuisance.

The day of implementation will depend on the history of the patient, ie, if it made use of another contraceptive method if breastfeed or are postpartum. Thus, it is recommended to talk to the gynecologist for specific guidelines.


It emits hormone for three years. After this period, it is recommended its return.

Despite the expiration date, the doctor Élvio Floresti explains that the contraceptive implant provides protection for up to six months after the deadline, but still it is recommended to change every three years.

Menstruation and Implanon

According to the gynecologist, ovulation and menstruation are inhibited by the hormone, but there may be irregular bleeding for the first few days after insertion.

Already endocrinologist Claudio Ambrósio, who is also a visiting professor at the University of California, explains that the prevention of pregnancy begins a few days after implantation, but the body can take up to six months to adapt to the method. Therefore, this period may be deregulation of menstruation.

"After the first half, leaks or bleeds happen in a percentage of women, and others will no longer flow. Everything will depend on the suitability of each person. Although bleeding is variable, the effectiveness of treatment is maintained, "he says.

What is implanon?

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The device can be used by women of all ages, both by those who just had her first period, and by people who have become pregnant.

See their properties:

Prevents pregnancy: effectiveness is very high

The efficacy of Implanon is very high and begins a few days after implant placement. According to the endocrine, "it is the most effective method in the world, including more than tubal ligation own horn."

According to the effectiveness table contraceptive methods created after studies researcher James Trussel, the American University of Princeton, in a year of use, it is estimated that there are only 5 unwanted pregnancies every 10,000 women using subdermal implant .

In cases of tubal ligation that index goes from 5 pregnancies per thousand individuals. With vasectomy are 1.5 pregnancies per thousand men who have undergone the procedure.

For those who do not want to menstruate

Who suffers from a very heavy flow can benefit from the implant, since it reduces and even stops menstruation, leaving women free of absorbent for three years.

TPM improves

According to the endocrinologist Claudio Ambrósio, the effects of hormones on menstruation eliminate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and alleviate colic.

For those who forget the pill

Get rid of the worry of taking the oral contraceptive daily is one of the great advantages of implanon, since the implant has single application lasts up to three years.

For those who can not take estrogen

Women smokers, with more than 35 years, with migraine or increased risk of thrombosis should avoid methods that use the hormone estrogen, present in some types of pills because it increases the risk of cardiovascular affections.

In these cases, it is possible to use minipills when the subdermal implants or IUD, which contains only the hormone progesterone, not increasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

It causes vomiting and nausea

The endocrinologist explains the contraceptive chip does not affect gastric and hepatic part not to have contact with her. Thus, there are no nausea and vomiting, which are side effects associated with oral pills.

Breastfeeding can use for?

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Both physicians consulted for this article argue that the implanon not cause risks to nursing mothers because it does not change the milk or affect the baby.

The product label advocates the same thing, but adds that small amounts of the hormone can reach the milk. However, none of the nearly 40 children followed up to 36 months for drug tests, whose mothers used the implant had any reactions.

Side effects of implanon

According to the doctor Élvio Floresti, in some cases the released progesterone not completely inhibits menstruation, leading to irregular bleeding.

Furthermore, progesterone can cause increased facial oiliness and acne appearance.


In some cases, the drug causes fluid retention, leading to increased body weight.

Lose weight?

According to the gynecologist, the subdermal implant does not reduce the weight.

Implanon x IUD Mirena: which is better?

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According to the expert, the intrauterine device (IUD) Mirena - which is also called intrauterine system (IUS) or hormonal IUD - lasts five years and has fewer side effects than Implanon, the first option being to many doctors. Nevertheless, the implant has more effective in preventing pregnancy.

The tip is to talk to your doctor so that he give the best kind of contraception according to their characteristics and preferences.

Price implanon

The value is very close to the hormonal Mirena IUD: around R $ 1,500 to R $ 2,500 *.

There implanon in SUS?

Unfortunately, the Unified Health System (SUS) not yet available placing that contraceptive.

Contraindication to implanon

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In case of pregnancy, the implant should be removed immediately because this may lead to masculinizing hormone fetus. In addition, cancer in the female intimate area or bleeding without apparent cause are other contraindications to using the product.

Withdrawal of implanon

Although last three years, the device can be withdrawn at any time.

The extraction procedure takes place under local anesthesia and a small incision in the place where the chip is.

In a small percentage of cases, the device can change position, requiring medical research and / or tests to locate it.

After the strip takes to impregnate?

Time back to fertility after collecting implanon varies according to the body of every woman.

However, the product label recommends trying to get pregnant after the next period the withdrawal.

Transition between the pill for oral Implanon

Oral contraceptives should be started on the same day the implant is removed and condom use is recommended in the following seven days, during which there may be chance of pregnancy.

* Values ​​surveyed in May 2017, subject to change.


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