Stuff Colomba Pascal’s choice for Easter; see step by step

stuffed Easter Colombadisclosure

The treats are tempting Easter and are not restricted to chocolate eggs. THE colomba pascal is a typical dessert of the day it can get even better with the tip of the chef Alex Coelho.

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Stuffed with cream and passion fruit brigadier, the recipe is easy to make. see the simple step by step as filling the chocolate Colomba.

brigadeir filled Colombadisclosure

Prepare traditional brigadier.

3 cans of condensed milk
60 g of unsalted butter
120 grams of chocolate (50% cocoa)

Method of preparation:
Melt butter in a pan and add condensed milk and chocolate (50% cocoa). Stir slowly over low heat until the cream point - this texture is obtained soon after the start of the boil. Remove from heat and let cool. Reserve.

passion fruit stuffed Colombadisclosure

Prepare the passion fruit cream.

1 can of condensed milk
½ tin cream serum
½ can of passion fruit juice concentrate

Method of preparation:
Mix the ingredients and set aside.

Cutting filled colombadisclosure

Remove with a central part of the knife Colomba chocolate drops 500 g

filling Easter Colombadisclosure

In the made cavity, add the passion fruit cream.

Colomba stuffed recipedisclosure

Close to "cover" the Colomba and voila!

2 Pascal filling colombadisclosure

Then also add Brig.

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