Beautiful flowers made with old toilet paper rolls

estrella paper rollo

When you are planning a party often the most complicated is the subject of decoration; and thinking that today we have these simple decorative flowers to fabricate and that without a doubt will place one super special touch to your party! And as if that were not enough, they are very economic.


  • toilet paper cardboard rolls
  • scissors
  • Wooden clamps
  • white paint aerosol
  • Paste
  • Gliter
  • Newsprint

Step by step:

The first step is Cut the roll of toilet paper in 5 equal parts; fold them in half, marking them and shaping the petals. Place a drop of glue on one side of each petal y paste them together, to hold the timber fasteners (of the type used to hang the clothes).

When the flower dries, remove the clips and place it on top of a sheet of newspaper. Paint the flower with aerosol paint paints and tending to both sides, the outside and the inside; before the paint dries, play for seventh to flower bronze powder. Then simply left to take the excess glitter, decorate the party and ...

Have fun for real!

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