Four important considerations that the film “The Eternal Son” brings about having a child with Down

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Since the first reports of Down syndrome emerged in 1864, when an English physician began to observe different characteristics in some children, many things have changed. What remained over the years, however, it is the challenge for the family and for children who have the syndrome.

This is the central theme of the Brazilian film "The Eternal Son"Released by Sony Pictures in 2016 and directed by Paulo Machline. Starring Marcos Veras, Débora Falabella and the small Pedro Vinícius, the feature is based on the book by Cristovão Tezza and has a plot that moves.

The story is set in 1982 and revolves around the writer Roberto (Marcos Veras), which is excited for the birth of the firstborn son. At the hospital, he and his wife, Claudia (Débora Falabella), they discover that the baby Fabricio (Pedro Vinícius) is a child with Down syndrome and have to prepare for a life with different care than they had in mind.

Contrary to what happens with his wife, the news ends up provoking different emotions and conflicts Roberto, which affect their relationship at work and in their relationship with Claudia. We follow the growth of Fabrizio on a journey of 12 years, and among many obstacles, achievements and discoveries, Roberto finally finds the true meaning of fatherhood.

In addition to thrill the audience, "The Eternal Son" makes us reflect on the relationships of families with children born with Down and the reconquest of love. We separated some observations of the film that are important to understand the relationship between parents and children.

important reflections on "The Eternal Son"

the son eternal debora falabella marcos veras 0817 400x800Release / Globe films via Plot

# 1 The surprise and fear of discovering a child with Down

Claudia and Roberto learn that the little Fabrizio is a child with Down shortly after the baby's birth. The mother accepts that her son is special, but what strikes everyone is the denial to raise the child by the parent. "The Eternal Son" touches tough and crucial points for those who have a child with Down as the surprise and fear, for example.

# 2 The findings on the development of child

We follow the growth of Fabrizio in the feature film, and as the boy grew, Claudia found out about the child and about herself. Being a child with Down, the little needed special care, such as schools that could pay more attention to their needs and stimulate their development.

Because of the different views that parents had about the child and how to deal with Down syndrome, something totally new in their lives, Claudia and Roberto ended up distancing within marriage itself. The mother, however, was always completely open and understanding as to the small Fabricio situation - the opposite of what happened to his father.

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# 3 How times have changed and now better understand the syndrome

Despite the Down syndrome was discovered in 1864, the genetic disorder was still quite unknown in Brazil since the 1980s - a time when the syndrome was still erroneously called "mongolism." Throughout the film, while Claudia tries all methods for the child to have a normal childhood and that their development is stimulated, while the father surprised by the coldness and strangeness in relation to small.

Only watching the movie with the head 80 can understand the father's disappointment in relation to the child, since at the time there was little sympathy for the people who had Down syndrome and was seen with extreme prejudice.

# 4 The discovery of love by parents

Although Claudia show from the beginning of the film as a mother who loves her son the way he is, Robert spends much of the film reluctant to accept the small Fabricio. It is only after years of living next to the child that the man undergoes a "recovery" and is reunited with his son, realizing that love is important to the life of any child.

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