How do freshener environments: see preparation and essences tips

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The of environmental scents are ideal to leave scented home is nice. However, industrialized versions can be expensive or hard to find.

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How do freshener home environments?

That is why, make a freshener home environments is a good idea. Check step by step:


  • 100ml water
  • 200ml grain alcohol
  • Essence

Mix all ingredients, dosing the substance to reach the intensity you prefer.

How do at home scents diffuser?

After the mixture was ready, to prepare a homemade diffuser. Just use a container with an opening, such as a small bottle, and some bamboo skewers. Cut the tips of the toothpicks in the bottle and position retaining ends out. The wood tends to absorb the liquid and the aroma will spread throughout the environment.

Perfumes for the house

No idea which essentially use? Check out some suggestions in the gallery:

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Essence of citrus fruits: the scent is perfect for the kitchen, it helps to offset the smell of smoke or fat. Moreover, it is fresh and inviting.

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mint essence: the mint aroma combines with bathrooms, since it refers to the environment of saunas and swimming pools. Pine is also a good option.

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lavender essence: This aroma combines with toilets, but be careful with the dose to not get too intense.

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Chamomile Essence: This aroma combines with relaxation rooms, such as bedrooms or TV rooms, since it is a plant with soothing properties.

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Cotton essence: the scent reminiscent of the smell of babies products and combines with rooms or closets.

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