How to lose weight by eating cheap things: top food “super account”

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If you've been dissatisfied with the body and gave up dieting because it believes that only famous for being rich, are able to lose weight, you'd better revise their views. It is indeed possible to lose weight in a healthy way and without spending much money. A striking example is the blogger Adriana Thyssen that with much effort and dedication, managed to eliminate 45 kg without surgery.

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The mining is good source of inspiration and now helps women all over the country reporting their day to day on Instagram Blog Drika, showing her battle to lose weight and stay healthy even when he was unemployed and full of debts.

In addition to winning stimulus accompanying Adriana path, you can still get a move on and change their menu taking top food "super account" and lose weight eating things wallet in the pocket. Learn about the options:

chopped sweet potatoesThinkstock

Low in calories and present in pot of virtually all women who diet, sweet potato is cheap and rich in potassium, vitamins, calcium and fiber.

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The tapioca, typical Brazilian food also does not weigh in the pocket and can replace bread for breakfast, for example.

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Good source of protein, eggs have few calories, fighting vascular disease and does not interfere in the budget.

banana fruit 9Thinkstock

To be found at any time of year, bananas are cheap, versatile and good fruit for those who engage in exercise.

Honey yogurt nuts 3Thinkstock

natural yogurt, which can be done even at home, aids in digestion, can come in many dishes, desserts and bids and help in the diet.

oats 4Thinkstock

Instead of just getting fat at breakfast with cereal full of sugar, bet on oatmeal as a cheap solution, tasty and versatile to lose weight.

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