Beached Whale Beach in Buzios is saved by the heroic gesture of residents

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A humpback whale beached 28 tons in Buzios Beach Rasa in the region. What could be a tragedy turned into a beautiful story of solidarity: the residents spent almost 24 hours next to the animal until it was finally safe.

Whale is rescued by residents of Buzios

The artist Ana Sousa was passing by the place and managed to record almost the exact moment that the whale was running aground on the beach.

Quickly, the city and firefighters were deployed, but the institutions claimed not to have the necessary equipment available.

When the tide was out, there was no way. The young male whale beached once and people began to throw buckets of water to hydrate the animal. Until the night, there was a kind of vigil around the animal.

Then there was the idea of ​​digging a ditch to take sea water for around whale. Then a city businessman gave her a backhoe for you to do so more quickly.

The time when the equipment arrives at the site was registered by Josimar Herculano dos Santos, photographer and tour guide of the city.

In addition to the official help of municiais organs were used boats and boat. People continued helping at this time, using a cable to tow the animal.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of all residents, the whale remained alive throughout the process and was able to return to the sea.

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