Ampoules treatment: see differences and how to use

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Light Bulbs hair care which bring vitamins and reconstructive substances fill the shelves of pharmacies, but not always easy to know what is the most appropriate for each hair type. Hairdresser Edson Freitas, Edson Freitas Haute Coiffure, gives tips for you not err in choosing and applying the product correctly.

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According to the professional, good results are only obtained by choosing the appropriate product for each purpose. "The ampoules are excellent to give a fueled the results of the treatment mask and, thus, better results in hydration of the wires"He explains.

Vitamins for hair: differences

Grape extract leaves the lighter, silky and shiny hair. Credit: Thinkstock

D vitamin

Ideal for weakened hair and split ends.

Vitamin E

Nourishes the wires deep, bringing good results for very dry hair.

grape extract

Let the brightest and silky hair, giving an aspect of lightness.

bamboo extract

Strengthens the roots and stimulates hair growth.

Argan oil

Place a light bulb in the hydration cream before applying it. Credit: Thinkstock

Helps in hair reconstruction. Moisturizes, strengthens and adds shine. also favors cabelos that are at the root and oleosos secos the tips, providing equilíbrio to wires.

murmuru butter

Amazon typically extracted from a fruit, butter murumuru retrieves the wires from external aggressions, providing shine and hydration.

How to use

Edson explains that the best way to use these oils and vitamins is to mix them moisturizing masks used once a week or every 15 days. To set the dose, add a 5 ml ampoule for every three tablespoons of cream, mix well and apply immediately on the wires. Gently massage and leave it for at least five minutes.

According to the professional, the vials should be mixed only at the time of use and not directly in the pot of cream. "Opened these products oxidize and lose effect"Explains explains. An alternative treatment for dry hair the hair is shielded.

Vitamin A for hair

With modern products, thermal cap is no longer needed. Credit: Thinkstock

Although famous for making the fastest growing wire, Edson says Vitamin A ampoules can lead to loss of hair. "This vitamin is present in our body and when there supplementation beyond what we need, the body initiates an excess of the combat process and it happens to fall wires", alert.

Thermal cap

Goodbye, thermal cap! According to the hair, they are already fully expendable. "Current products contain assets that can penetrate the cuticle wire. Previously, this technology did not exist and the use of thermal cap just served to promote the opening of cuticles", ends.

Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of argan oil.

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