Movies that portray computing universe

computer science films

Currently, it is unnecessary to show examples of the importance of the Internet and information technology for everyday people. Many films, some of them old, have shown and dreamed of the many possibilities that technology can provide. Remember the list below some feature films portraying the world of computers and information technology:

"2001 - A Space Odyssey"

Launched in 1969, ie well before the internet and discussion of artificial intelligence, the film features the HAL 9000 computer, the robot able to control a ship and make decisions alone.

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"The social network"

The film director David Fincher tells the story of the birth and Facebook shows how Mark Zuckerberg turned the idea of ​​social networking into a profitable business.


Starring Ashton Kutcher, the film is another biopic. In this case, Steve Jobs, founder of Apple company.



Full of special effects, the film shows the mission of a hacker who must rid the world of controlling machines.

"Note woman Mil"

The comedy was very successful in the 80s to show a couple of young people who use the computer to create the perfect woman.


Fiction 1999 shows the players of confusion of a particular game you need, at all times distinguish between what is real and what is virtual in their lives.


"The net"

The movie starring Sandra Bullock tells the story of a programmer who accidentally has access to a prohibited program and in addition to having your identity stolen, is chased by villains.


One of the first movies of Angelina Jolie, the thriller tells the story of a group of pirates computer pursued by the US Secret Service.

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