food introduction BLW

feed introduction BLWfeed-introduction BLW

Up to 6 months, the only food that should be offered to a child is breast milk. In addition to the baby body not be ready for other foods is milk that has the right amount of nutrients to meet all the needs of this phase. After the first six months of life is the time to think about food introduction.

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Juice, mashed fruits and baby food beats are not part of food introduction BLW. The technique, which can be understood as Complementary Feeding Directed is to let the baby eat with the family, but without the help of any adult, according to their interests and desires.

How to get food introduction

"The introduction of food will not substitute breastmilk or formula. Up to one year old, solid intake is considered a complement to breastfeeding, and not vice versa"Explains pediatrician and homeopath Dr. Moisés Chencinski.

6 at 7 months

The child must sit down with the rest of the family to feed (Credit: Thinkstock)

In the first months, the baby until then only sucked, will learn to chew and to swallow. "Put the child to eat with the family from 6 months because that's when she sits, she supports the head and can observe all"Says the pediatrician.

At this point, it's time to let them in the chair with his family to know all the colors, smells and consistencies of food. "Place the child in the chair near the table with the whole family. Put pieces of fruit on top of tray without dishes or bowls and wait for the child to discover food. Learn to smell, feel the consistency and taste of food is essential"Argues Dr. Moses. There is no restriction to the types of fruit or food group. Just avoid strawberry and kiwi, which are the most allergenic. "The child can eat everything, but power is not needed. Select the essential food and go slowly showing. Always respect the limits of each phase", Guides.

The amount consumed varies according to each child and, according to the expert, there is no reason to worry. "We really need to wait for the evolution and acceptance of the child. If the first few weeks she did not eat, because they do not have to rush. O breast milk will continue supporting and providing everything it needs"He explains. Therefore, the ideal time to offer food is 15 minutes after feedings.

Why not offer juice

Juices and baby food are no longer beats for children up to one year and recommendations are the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Ministry of Health. "The act of squeezing and straining the fruit breaks all its fibers, which makes the fruit sugar is easily digested, increases insulin action and can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes", Warns expert.

Replace the juices and baby food beats per slightly wrinkled or blanched fruit. The apple, for example, can be cooked and offered in softer pieces.

7 and 12 months

Eating with your hand, the child feels the smell and consistency of all foods (Credit: Thinkstock)

The process of food introduction should happen naturally, and up to 12 months, the child should be consuming coffee breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner with the whole family.

"For the preparation of salty meals or candy, forget the salt and sugar. Just let the taste of the food itself form the child's palate", Recommends the pediatrician.

At this stage, the child should eat the same family rest of the food - watch out to spicy seasonings. To facilitate, reduce the size of the food and, if needed, assist with the spoon to his mouth, but the important thing is to let the child be protagonist of his power.

Always offer fruit in the high chair tray after the routine form of meals stay: Morning fruit after feeding, lunch with dessert fruit, snack fruit afternoon after feeding, dinner with dessert fruit, feeding before bed. adept mothers Breastfeeding on demand They should continue providing breast when prompted.

Milk formula

With high bioavailability of iron, breast milk can be supplied on demand during the feed introduction, but not formulated milk. "The formula milk calcium interferes with the absorption of iron from food. Therefore, the ideal is not to offer the add milk after meals", Directs Moses.

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