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It is time to gift them. In fact, we love it. Nothing better than to see the smile of a child opening a present - especially when it is given by us. The Children's Day is the delight of parents and children. But what is the limit when carrying out the wishes of children? (Or is it your own?).

You may have heard of Suri Cruise, the heiress of the actors couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. It is the fashion of the moment child icon - is serious. Suri has only four years and a trip to the Los Angeles Museum of Art, wearing a outfit was a dress from Ralph Lauren. That's right! The designer did not waste time: tried to send a press release, warning that was responsible for the look of the little one. He found an exaggeration? Yeah.

Increasingly our little ones are dictating consumer relations in the world. It is not rare to see made-up little girls with mobile phone or notebook, using designer clothes or attending beauty salon and gym. Boys do not lag behind. The machine gun shoot and media right on target: children have never been informed about the innovations and trends of toys, clothes, shoes and the like. Aim for the kids is important because affected early, children tend to be in the future, more loyal to brands and own consumerist habit imposed on them.

The media responsibility

The TV is the main market tool for persuasion of the child audience that increasingly early, is called to participate in the adult world. But shorten childhood is not cool. "This is a crucial period for the formation of habits and the psychological, cognitive and social development. Even ten or 12 years, the child is discovering, knowing the world. Skip this step can be disastrous, for girls and boys who play should end up with concerns that are linked to another stage of life"Says Lais Fontenelle, coordinator of Education and Research of Child and Consumption Project, the Institute Alana.

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The media is worth the ease in talking to a child. They manage everything with knack and choose what their parents take them home, even with no credit card in hand. A survey by TNS / Interscience, research institute that operates in more than 70 countries, found that children influence up to 80% buying a family decisions. "Often the advertising directed at children does not refer to products for this age range. There are cars campaigns, mobile phones, cleaning products clearly have an appeal for children"Warns Lais.

Advertising in Brazil

In Brazil, 83% of junior consumers are influenced by advertising, 72% for products with famous characters, 42% by friends, 38% for gifts and games and 35% by colorful and attractive packaging. The shelves of the supermarket to the talks in the school playground, there is nowhere to run. "The market uses the concept of identification to attract children's attention. This is done with the use of vibrant colors, children's songs, creating a playful universe"Says Lais Fontenelle.

We have 35 million children under ten years of age, feeding a market that already handles about 50 billion reais, according to the Institute Alana. To maintain this target audience as well informed in 2006 alone were invested 209.7 million reais in advertising children's products in Brazil. No wonder: the National Panel data Ibope 2007 Televisions confirm that Brazilian children between four and 11 years old, on average, nearly five hours a day in front of the small screen. Target easy, no?

Advertising does believe that it is necessary to acquire what often is not necessary. "All this comes from the desire to have instead of being. more value people for who they are than for what they are, reversing the values ​​that constitute us as human beings"Warns Ana Lucia Oliveira psychologist.

Lais Fontenelle ensures that children do not have much insight on the subject. "To 12 years, they are still developing and are not able to make a reflection about this scenario. They are literally victims of the operating bases of society, where there is the enhancement of competition, materialism and money".

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