excess egg white is bad? What is the maximum amount? And calories?

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More than 50% of vitamin B2 egg is in the clear. Easy to digest and ideal for those who train and want to develop muscles, it is also rich in essential amino acids and minerals such as zinc and manganese. Light also promotes the formation of neurotransmitters and provides well-being feeling thanks to tryptophan, which stimulates serotonin. Its B-complex vitamins, iron and potassium, yet improve disposal and concentration.

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For fans of the academy and muscle mass, the great ally contained in egg white It is albumin. The protein has a high biological value and excellent bioavailability as it is easily utilized by the body and has easy digestion. Albumin is present mainly in the clear and has the nine amino acids necessary for anabolism process (increased muscle mass), and contribute to the regeneration of muscle tissue, nails, skin and hair, revitalize body functions due to its high energy and boost the immune system.

Maximum number of egg per day

Light is rich in albumin and has no fat: it's almost pure protein. Guidance for those who want to gain muscle is that this protein source is used after training to help in the recovery and restoration of muscles. Two egg whites provide required amount of proteins, it does not take more than that. The risk, for many athletes, is the consumption of raw clear, favoring the danger of salmonella contamination. Another warning is for excess protein intake, which can overload the kidneys.

healthy people who maintain a balanced diet can ingest one to two eggs per day no risks. A chicken egg has 120 mg to 200 mg of cholesterol, according to weight. For comparison, 100g of boiled egg (approximately two eggs) have about 397mg cholesterol, while 100g of grilled ribeye containing 102mg and 100g of white cheese, 62mg.

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For this reason, it is important to be attentive to a maximum daily intake of cholesterol, which should not exceed 300 mg, according to the American Heart Association. Main to consume daily egg problem It is end up eliminating other sources of protein such as meat, which provide different nutrients.

nutritional value of an egg white:

  • Water (%) 88
  • 15 calories
  • protein 3g
  • calcium 4mg
  • phosphorus 4mg
  • potassium 45mg
  • sodium 50mg

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