How to choose curtains for the room

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More than decorative objects, the curtains are essential to maintain harmony and balance of the environment and to protect them from the sun and from excessive heat and keep your privacy guaranteed. For these items to fulfill their function properly, you must know what is the best screen for your home and adjust it.

So today prepared a special to teach Choosing curtain room. Check it.

Tips for choosing curtains

Unfortunately, the curtains are not cheap objects. So sometimes, it pays you personally choose the fabric and colors and ask for someone you trust, a seamstress and / or an upholsterer, do the service.

If you have questions for Color Blind to choose, opt for white. But remember that this color is subject to getting dirty and appears to be much faster than the others.

Living room

At living room, for example, choose to fabric curtains simple, light as thirst or gauze linen. If you want to block the sun, prefer the rustic seat, jean or a liner light trap. This is because the site calls for a more pleasant decor that reflects the style of the residents and pass it directly to visits when you greet them.

If you do not like the tracks of the curtains become apparent, to find a plasterer and order a simple cortineiro with height between 18 and 10 centimeters.

special Tip

Another well valid trick in choosing and placing the curtains is to leave it up to 15 cm above the window, to give the impression that the windows are larger and value them.

also bet on blind fasteners, according to the type of decorating their environments to give a touch of charm.

They liked the tips to help at the time of choose curtains to room? How are yours?

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