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Make a craft book It is a great way to personalize his notebook notes or even gifting someone.

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Comic buttons for maternity door



  • 1 endcapped with tissue schedule
  • Patchwork fabric printed in yellow, green and red
  • permanent marker in black
  • strass
  • Cola-spangle
  • fusible paper
  • Vegetal paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Iron (without steam)

Step by step with paper crafts

1. Download the risk for the paper plant and reinforce with permanent pen.

2. Copy the fusible paper and cut out leaving a margin.

3. Place the back piece of fabric chosen rough side down and secure with iron.

4. Cut out the risk.

5. Remove the protective film.

6. Start assembling the parts for the basket and the largest flower.

7. Complete the decor to your liking.

8. Secure with iron.

9. Garnish with rhinestones using glue spangle.

10. Use a permanent marker to circumvent the basket like a stitching.

11. Highlight the heart of the flower and leaves with the same pen.

12. Do the same in the smallest flower.

13. Alternatively, apply the smallest flower in a mini-calendar.

14. finished parts.

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craft book

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