magic water: thermogenic and detox recipe to go drying throughout the day

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Since entering the fitness world, Mayra Cardi changed the body and has displayed sequinhas and super curves defined. The ex-BBB, which is formed in sports nutrition, aerobic and personal trainer in the United States often give many tips drills and power to your Instagram, one of which is for there to practice, besides being one of the tricks of Mayra to maintain lisinha belly: the "magic water"That mixes detoxifying ingredients and thermogenic to help lose weight.

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How to prepare the magic water to lose weight

The recipe was conceived by chief Stella Giraldella and takes key ingredients to promote a cleansing of the body: cucumber, water, lemon, ginger, basil and mint. To actually take effect, the intake of the drink should be combined with healthy eating and regular physical exercise.

Cucumber is a food negative calorie, that is, the amount of cucumber calories is less than the amount of calories the body uses to digest it. This vegetable is great to rejuvenate the skin, relax the muscles and eliminate impurities from the body because it is a natural diuretic.

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The importance of water to hydrate the body and maintain vital functions in harmony is already known. However, the mixture of water and lime may help you lose weight: this is because the sour berry able to isolate the fat in the intestine, like a "detergent"By facilitating the absorption of other nutrients and help to maintain the pH balance of the body. Water with lemon is also diuretic and helps eliminate toxins from the body, helping to decrease swelling in general. Lemon Vitamin C is also excellent to combat premature skin aging.

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Since ginger is a thermogenic food: this means that it helps speed up the body's metabolism, which starts to burn fat faster. The root also helps to increase satiety and fight cellulite, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

Another ingredient that can also help maintain the body's health is basil, which is antioxidant (helps fight free radicals, responsible for cellular aging) and rich in vitamin A, among other benefits.

Mint, in turn, aids in the digestion process also essential to decrease swelling in the belly, and is a calming and anti-stress herb.


The amount of each depends much of the flavor that you want to print the recipe. Ginger and basil have very strong taste: it is good to be careful.

  • Ice;
  • Water;
  • Lemon;
  • Cucumber;
  • Basil;
  • Mint;
  • Ginger;

Method of preparation

  • Line the bottom of the preparation container with ice;
  • Cut cucumbers and lemons into slices and add them in the container;
  • Time to chop the mint and basil, Stella gives the hint "twist them"And to break the talinhos. This helps the flavor and aroma to be more pronounced. Put them in the mixture;
  • Cut the ginger into very thin slices, with the same shell;
  • Add water;
  • Let stand five minutes to get the flavor;
  • Is ready!

how to consume

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Stella says that there is no need to change the ingredients all the time - they can be reused all day. If you prepare the drink for a bottle, for example, so that water and ice are over, just replace the mixture with water and ice.

The chief recommends water to be consumed slowly throughout the day.

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