Mário Gomes intends to sue the Globe and either of R $ 40 million settlement

mario gomes want to process both the globe and 40 million compensation r

After years of silence and resignation, Mário Gomes He decided to file a lawsuit against the director Daniel Filho and Rede Globo. In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, the actor explains that the process - in the amount of approximately R $ 40 million - is for "bullying", consisting of acts that disqualify individuals in their working environment.

According to Mario, Daniel, and the station it was responsible for the decline of his career. He says it all started when, at the height of his success, was the victim of a malicious rumor planted by the influential director, about his sexuality. Daniel acted in revenge to affair that the actor had with his then wife, actress Betty Faria, with whom he had contracenado for "Two Lives", 1976.

"I was doing a gross success and just pulled me out of the air at the behest of this gentleman. I've never done anything wrong in my life, but to have been myself, "he says. "I was 23 and fell in love with an older woman, I thought I could heal my emotional problems. I was shy and I never initiative. I was seduced, "he adds, saying that after the rumor, released in 1984, never played a character weight.

"As he is a big shot there, when I returned to the novels, was clearly disoriented, lost in the scene. I think the Globe was silent and complicit with this undignified way that he used to affect me. You see, I never set out to be a heartthrob, but I was the man of the moment and suddenly found myself being left out, deliberately, "complained Mario.

Today, after more than two decades of "torture", he said, suffered within the station, which is no longer part from the novel "The Favorite", 2008, Mario is said still resentful and said it deserved, at least have their work recognized. "Only I could do 98 rating points. I created an innovative language on television, the more relaxed mood. They used my invention and never gave opportunity to show me as an artist, "he says, criticizing the attitude of the issuer always determine who the public should like.

Speaking to the website, the lawyer responsible for legal procedures, Doctor Jonas Mateus, claims that the action is in place, but will only be handed over to the accused when the latest issue that the actor faces with his ex-wife, Marcia Patrícia Mendes, is resolved. Also wanted by the TC, the representatives of both the issuer as of Daniel, say they have not been notified.

Last week, Mario received the news that there was an arrest warrant against him on charges of non-payment of child support to two daughters of the couple, Linda Patricia, 17, and Talita, 14. In 2008, the actor had gone through the same situation.

By Roberta Santiago, the Digital Spy

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