Injection for diabetes thinning: gringa fashion works?

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You know that shot people who have Type 2 diabetes take to encourage the production of insulin? Now she is the new thing to lose weight. In the US and in some European countries is already a reality, but in Brazil is not legalized the use of diabetes injection to lose weight - which may be only a matter of time. But ultimately, it works even for this purpose, or this gringa fashion is stuck?

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What is?

The injection is used in Brazil since 2011 for Type 2 diabetes treatment to be responsible for stimulating the production of insulin. Known as the Victoza, this medication has liraglutide substance, which has also been recognized for its effectiveness for weight loss. It is a substance that mimics the action of hormones produced in the small intestine, related to the feeling of satiety.

Injection for diabetes is to lose weight?

According to endocrinologist Dr. Walmir Coutinho, the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, the drug is still being tested, but the results are favorable. "The studies conducted to date suggest that it is safe for health and what is really effective in weight loss".

According to a report published in the English newsletter New England Journal of Medicine, about 3,700 volunteers were divided into groups, supplied with liraglutide and placebo. After about a year, the patients who received the medicine had a real weight loss of up to 6 kilograms.

According to the endocrinologist, the result can be even more significant, depending on the case. "The injection starts to take effect from the first application - both in the treatment of diabetes and in weight loss - and, according to observations, the weight loss may reach 6 kilos in six months"He says.

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It is released in Brazil?

Despite having the primary function of the treatment of diabetes, the drug has been studied as an aid to weight loss. However, although it is already legal in the United States and some European countries, liraglutide is not yet approved for this purpose in Brazil.

For the doctor, the condition is a matter of time. "The use of weight loss drug has been under discussion for several years, but has yet to face some bureaucratic issues to be approved"He explains.

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