bridal makeup easy to make at home: blogger teaches step by step

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Blogger Alice Salazar shook the Internet with their style choices, from the local to the celebration to look at the time to marry. She who is a makeup artist and professional lives giving courses and lectures about makeup, made a point of producing alone and now shares some tips of the walkthrough of your big day. Follow below:

Make Alice Salazar to marry

To begin, prepare the skin with primer, foundation and concealer. The blogger likes to apply all products with your fingers, but in time to remove excess, use a sponge beauty blender. Then apply your ideal compact.

Eyes, Alice wanted to avoid the black, despite being one of his favorite colors (and say that she does not see anything wrong in bridal wear black shadow). However, the blogger decided not to use anything too dark and heavy, and bulky lashes because said his eyes often already out small, enclosed in photographs that smiles a lot.

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So, we chose earthy tones and lighter lashes. To paint the eyelids, we chose three different shades of a brown brick and overlapped. With the most intense and dark, vanished the line of eye concave. Finally, applied a bright color champagne in the arch of the eyebrows and above all mobile eyelid.

To avoid such an effect very fechadinhos eyes, and a lightweight false eyelash, also nothing eyeliner. Alice caprichou the mask for the eyelashes, the pencil on the waterline and vanished with the same shade of medium shade the root of the lower lashes taking the color until you paint the eyelid.

Finish with bronzer blush at the temples and a more pinkish in the middle of the cheekbones. Apply illuminating the bones below the eyes, cupid bow lips and nose silhouette. Finally, go around the mouth with pencil in the same color of lipstick, which can be nude, but can also be red as Alice. Why not? See how easy it is to make the make of the state who just got married:

Tips for organizing the wedding:

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