Door with felt Weight

doorstop with felt

Learn how to make this beautiful doorstop with felt to decorate the environments the door with much glamor. This tip can be sold for R $ 30.

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  • 30 cm felt the green flag color
  • Felt 20 cm in bright green color
  • pieces of felt in yellow and white colors
  • Sewing pins
  • Line stitching in green, red and black colors
  • sewing thread in white
  • permanent marker in black
  • 4 round buttons and large in black
  • 350 g of sand in a plastic bag
  • acrylic filler
  • Sewing machine
  • Line No. 10
  • hot glue
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Step by step:

doorstop with felt

Cut a green-flag felt strip measuring
10 x 58 cm.

doorstop with felt 2

Overlap the windows in the two car side
and reversing the position pin.

doorstop with felt 3

With the line of stitching green, backstitch the outline of the windows.

doorstop with felt 4

With the line of stitching
Red, backstitch the headlights.

doorstop with felt 5

Sew the two side strip mounted on the machine, leaving an opening on one side and the other below, the union strip.

doorstop with felt 6

and straighten the seams.

doorstop with felt 7

Place the sand bag on the filling.

doorstop with felt 8

Fill the gossip, pull the line
and tailpiece.

doorstop with felt 9

Preach the buttons in the center of each full gossip to simulate the wheels.

doorstop with felt 0

Using the pen, do the numbers on the plates.

Also visit other content House Two. This craft is part of the art magazine with the hands ed. 3.

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