Vertigo and dizziness: know the causes

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To feel dizziness or lightheadedness throughout the day it is common for many women. These symptoms are twice as frequent in them than in them and there is a reason: female hormone levels fluctuate, especially during the menstrual cycle, which can disrupt the functioning of the maze. These disturbances can be accompanied by headaches, fatigue and irritability.

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The labyrinth, also called the inner ear is the structure responsible for body balance and to function properly depends on the sensory information coming from the eyes, skin, muscles and maze and are sent to the central nervous system. "Dizziness occurs when a failure occurs in one or more of these information"Explains the otolaryngologist and otoneurologists, Rita of Cascia Cassou Guimarães.

Hormonal changes cause dizziness

Menopause can be a cause of dizziness. Credit: Thinkstock

The doctor explains that this very hormonal change of the female organism influences Maze operation, which can cause or worsen dizziness. "The retention of sodium and water occurs in the menstrual period may lead to a clinical picture with dizziness, vertigo, hearing loss and tinnitus," says.

In climacteric period before menopause, symptoms of depression, anxiety and osteoporosis may come associated with vertigo and tinnitus. "The decrease in estrogen production can be responsible for increased vascular damage, and the maze is very sensitive to these changes", Explains the doctor.

If dizziness is severe and progressive, it is important to seek medical advice for other cases to be investigated. "Look for a otoneurologists to treat dizziness and other issues to balance, because this is an evil that can follow a person for a long time if you have the correct treatment"Concludes the expert.

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